pleasure vision II, 1998, transparencies on lightboxes

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Anette Larsson’s exhibition of illuminated transparencies, was mounted in Wave’s elongated space in February 1998. The architecturally scaled art work provided a dramatic counter to the gallery’s windows on a facing wall. Her nine lightboxes offer a panoramic view of linked images of fingers touching parts of a naked body. Each image is based on a 35-mm photograph the artist made of her reflection in a mirror. Enlarged, the images become ambiguous, grainy details of anatomy: part of a neck, thigh, collarbone, underarm or torso. Larsson tinted the transparencies with an otherworldly blue wash, and applied a matte, skin-like membrane to dull the reflective. Wide variations in magnification between images make it impossible, in most cases, to identify the part of the body subjected to scrutiny, while formal continuity is provided through the juxtaposition of coincidentally shared contours and shapes.

John Armstrong, Tableau Vivant: 1995 — 2000